Yet another airgun attack on a cat, this time in Worthing (The Argus, October 4).

I am tired of reading and writing in response to articles about attacks on defenceless cats, by cowardly individuals.

I have set up my own Government e-petition in an attempt to get these weapons removed from our streets and into licenced gun-clubs. This will make it harder for these thugs to perpetrate such crimes.

Here is the address –

To be effective any such petition requires at least 100,000 signatures.

This can be achieved, as a petition against the badger cull demonstrated, but it is crucial that as many Argus readers as possible sign this petition and that they in turn invite their family and friends to do the same.

In addition, write to your MP and ask for their support to confine all airguns to licenced gun clubs.

Enough is enough. Together, we can remove these weapons from the street to behind closed doors, where they belong.

David Hammond, North Court, Hassocks