My first reaction on reading about the fox attack on angler Andrew Thomas was the controlled and measured response he applied to what must have been a truly terrifying situation (The Argus, November 7), and then later the generous and understanding comments he made about foxes in general.

He conceded that he was in the fox’s domain, and with food and bait uncovered and readily available in the tent it must have seemed a very good opportunity to a wild predatory creature possessing an excellent sense of smell.

Compare this with the hysterical vibes about foxes in letters pages in this newspaper.

Why it attacked Mr Thomas we will never know, but if one imagines the situation in that tent in the darkness of the night, the sudden movement of Mr Thomas and fear on the part of the fox at the possible entrapment in the tent, it must have felt to the fox like it was fighting for its life.

I wish Mr Thomas a speedy recovery from an ordeal he is unlikely to forget in a hurry and one which adds a new twist to the anglers’ stories about “the one that got away”.

Laurence Hill, Foamcourt Waye, Worthing