I couldn’t agree more with your reader’s letter (The Argus, January 7) concerning the “coach station woe” of Pool Valley in Brighton.

Brighton bus station is an absolute eyesore and something needs to be done urgently to bring it up to scratch.

I regularly travel to Dorset to visit friends and, en route, stop at Portsmouth and Bournemouth, both of which are extremely welcoming, bedecked with hanging baskets and complete with toilet facilities, shelters and cafes, none of which are available in Pool Valley.

What a dreadful first impression travellers coming into Brighton must get.

Come on whoever’s responsible for the maintenance of this bus station, for goodness sake give us something to be proud of that’s worthy of our vibrant city – not the cold, draughty, depressing dump that Pool Valley is at the moment.

Wendy Stuart, Brighton

The proximity of Pool Valley to the Royal Pavilion (and its role as a former military hospital) should motivate our local representatives to upgrade this bus station area as a fitting tribute to those who were a part of the First World War.

This should be our “city project” for 2014. The upgrade should be costed, evaluated and completed this year, the centenary of the beginning of the Great War.

Action is needed now, in the same way our relatives gave their immediate responses so long ago.

John Newman, The Bridleway, Telscombe Cliffs