Although not always in agreement, I have always had total respect for the writing of Adam Trimingham for your paper over the past 40 years.

As a Brighton-born resident, I care deeply about what successive councils have done: the loss of the West Pier and Black Rock swimming pool, the failure to replace the SS Brighton and Top Rank ice rinks, the sad neglect of the promenade, particularly east of the Palace Pier, and so on.

I am vehemently against the i360 tower. Not only will it provide nothing more than a view from the equivalent of the top of the Metropole, the council should not ‘loan’ money to a commercial project that will most certainly fail to secure visits exceeding 2,000 people a day (yes, 2,000 a day).

Adam states that “not one penny will come from the council’s budget” and that it “would actually provide an income of £1 million per year”. This is pure rhetoric and conjecture based on speculative figures (remember the Millennium Dome anyone?).

You may be “for it”, Adam, but please do not become a spokesman based on these figures.

Paul Johnston, Middleton Avenue, Hove