Albion fans are the first to benefit from the chance to watch at the Amex their team playing midweek away matches as part of a new broadcasting initiative by the Football League.

Games can now be beamed back to grounds, live in HD, at a fraction of the previous cost via the installation of a fibre-optic network.

Albion have signed up to the deal, which is currently available only to Championship clubs but will also be available to League One clubs during the season and to League Two clubs next season.

The Seagulls are the first club to trial the new system for the game at Leeds tomorrow night.

The match is being screened in the Heineken Lounge at the Amex and all proceeds will go towards the treatment of Dick's Bar manager Debs Lumley's 28-year-old daughter and mother-of-two Sam, who has been diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer.

The Football League’s Chief Executive Shaun Harvey said: "While our overriding priority will always be to get as many people as possible to attend matches in person, we also have to recognise that a huge number of fans are simply unable to make long journeys during midweek to watch their team."

Clubs will only be permitted to broadcast matches played at 3pm on Saturday in exceptional circumstances, as they fall within the ‘blocked hours’ under UEFA regulations.

The Heineken Lounge is limited to 300 supporters. To book call the 1901 Club team between 10am and 4pm today and tomorrow on 01273 878278, quoting the name and Fan Number of each supporter requiring a seat.