Are Albion fans prepared to give up a day's pay for Kerry Mayo? We are about to find out.

A good number of the Withdean stewards are also Seagulls supporters. They will be given the option of receiving their normal wages or working for nothing to help swell Mayo's profit when Reading visit for his testimonial match on July 28.

There are two ways of looking at it. Some might question why they should help line the pockets of a player earning well above the average wage in Brighton, simply because he has been an employee for ten years.

Others will be more charitable and recognise Mayo's unstinting devotion in a world where your career-span is brief and loyalty has become a rare commodity.

The choice is theirs. All I can do is implore you to get along to Withdean to support Kerry on his big day.

It is still costing £25,000 to stage the match, even with Albion offering their staff and administration services for free and stadium managers DC Leisure reducing their normal bill by two-thirds.

Mayo's testimonial committee reckon they need a gate of 2,500 just to break even, so Albion's long-serving leftback will hardly be raking it in.