Eastbourne have called on their powerful top four to get them through an away test.

But they are praying Adam Ellis does not suffer travel problems on his way back from Denmark.

Eagles are missing regular reserves as they visit improving Stoke Potters tonight (7pm).

Joe Lawlor and Lee Geary guest for Luke Harris and Charley Powell, both of whom are away at grasstrack meetings.

Team boss Connor Dugard believes his side need a win to match Cradley’s impressive 45-44 success at Isle of Wight on Thursday, secured with a last-race 5-1, in the race for the play-offs.

He will look to Ellis, Jake Knight, Ellis Perks and Georgie Wood to lead the way.

Dugard said: “With Cradley getting three points on the island, we have got to get three points in this one. Stoke didn‘t start the year two well but they are now firing.

“(League leaders) Birmingham got four points there but you can bet Stoke will put up a much harder battle against us because they are starting to click.

“Hopefully we have got enough in the top four. Georgie loves the place, Jake is in pretty good form, Ellis is starting to find his feet and Adam is Adam.”

Ellis is comfortably the best rider in the league and his performances this season earnt him a call from top-flight Danish side Holstebro.

He rode in Denmark last night, scoring 8 (7), and was due to travel back by van and ferry to be in the Potteries for tapes-up time.

Dugard said: “We can’t afford for there to be any problems. We hope he makes it back.”

Lawlor started the season as Stoke’s No.8 so has knowledge of the Loomer Road circuit. He then had a stint with Belle Vue.

Geary comes in with a recommendation from his Buxton boss Jason Pipe.

Meanwhile Knight has been gaining experience at Sheffield, guesting for Ipswich in the Premier League.

Although he failed to score, he felt he was on the pace at one of the fastest tracks in the country.