Eastbourne manager Connor Dugard has warned his side to take nothing for granted in their quest for a play-off final place.

But they are in charge of their National League semi-final with Kent after winning 47-43 in the away leg tonight.

Ellis Perks won his first five races as his side led by as many as 12 at one stage.

But a last-race 5-1 for Kent has kept their hopes alive for the return leg.

Perks got help from fellow top men Adam Ellis and Georgie Wood as Eagles piled up nine heat winners at Central Park.

Reserves Tom Brennan and Charley Powell played a big part in establishing an early six-point lead before fading later.

The six-man Eagles could even afford a quiet night for their skipper Jake Knight as they followed their win at Cradley on Tuesday, in the semi-final of the Knockout Cup, with a similar first-leg performance.

Team boss Dugard said: “Speedway is a funny old game. We are certainly not counting any chickens.

“But I’d far rather leave here four points up than four points down.”

The second leg is at Arlington next Friday (8pm). The winners will take on irmingham or Cradley in the two-leg final later this month on dates yet to be arranged.

Kent: Ayres 11+1 (5), Bowen 11 (5), Shanes 7 (4), Verge 6+1 (5), Mason 4+3 (4), Thomas 4 (4), Clifton 0 (3).

Eagles: Perks 16 (6), Ellis 10 (5), Wood 8+2 (4), Brennan 5 (5), Powell 4+2 (6), Knight 4 (4), Cottham r/r.