Charley Powell is the fifth name on the Eastbourne IT First Eagles teamsheet for 2017.

Powell will be start the campaign alongside Tom Brennan at reserve.

He joins Mark Baseby, Georgie Wood and Connor Coles in the line-up with two spots yet to fill.

Team manager Connor Dugard said: "There's two ways you can build your team, strength in depth or out and out top heavy.

"Last year, when we rebuilt the team, we were out and out top heavy and that made us quite vulnerable in the middle order and at reserve.

“A lot of the other teams are putting two three-pointers at reserve. We have one (Brennan).

"Charley comes in on a 4.05 and we believe he can put at least a point on that average.

“A couple of clubs approached us wanting to use him including the likes of Cradley."

Powell, who spent most of the season with a broken collarbone, said: "I'm really happy to be back at Eastbourne.

“The fans are great and the management are great too. It's one big family everywhere you go.

"I missed a few meetings last season due to other commitments but that changes this year.

“I'm fitter than ever and in the gym everyday. I can't wait to go practising with the guys and more importantly racing for the Eagles."