Albion fans are marking the 20th anniversary of Fans United – the day supporters of all teams came together for the cause.

Followers of clubs from home and abroad, some of them arch rivals, joined at the Goldstone Ground for the home fixture against Hartlepool as Albion, stranded at the foot of the fourth tier and soon to be homeless, fought for their existence.

Football fans across the country were appalled at how the club had been run down by chairman Bill Archer.

What followed was a landmark occasion, the brainchild of young Plymouth fan Richard Vaughan.

Albion ran out 5-0 winners on the day, which proved to be a key result as they ultimately survived at the expense of Hereford.

But scenes off the pitch, and the publicity created, also worked wonders to turn the tide.

Some fans still see it as the day which started to turn the club around on what was still a long, hard road to their current status.

Posting on the Albion Roar Facebook page, Albion fan Alan Wares wrote: “It's so easy for many people - especially those who weren't there - looking at how rosy things are in the garden now, to not realise how much peril Brighton and Hove Albion were in from 1995-97.

“In short, we had no idea whether, come the end of the season, Brighton and Hove Albion would even exist.

“Bill Archer’s arrogance and intransigence were such that he didn’t care for Brighton’s future.

“The FA didn’t care, the Football League didn’t care but thankfully some fans of other clubs cared.”