Eastbourne Eagles are returning to Saturday night racing at Arlington in the new season.

Their home National League, Trophy and Knockout Cup fixtures are all listed for Saturdays at 7.30pm.

The new fixtures include more dates than in previous years in August, especially if reserve dates are taken up.

Travelling fans might enjoy a trip to the Midlands in June, when the IT First Eagles race at Stoke and Buxton on the same weekend.

The league campaign at home gets under way in style with a visit from Cradley.

Before that there is a home and away Challenge with Lakeside.

Fans can quiz management duo Martin and Connor Dugard in a forum at the track this Sunday, from noon.

April: 14 Lakeside (home and away, Challenge), 21 Plymouth (a), 23 Mildenhall (a, Trophy), 29 Cradley (h).

May: 3 King’s Lynn (a), 6 Mildenhall (h, Trophy), 12 Stoke (h), 20 King’s Lynn (h), 27 Plymouth (h), 29 Kent (a, Cup).

June: 3 Kent (h, Cup), 7 Birmingham (a), 17 Belle Vue (h, provisional), 24 Stoke (a), 25 Buxton (a).

July: 1 Kent (h), 2 Mildenhall (a), 15 Buxton (h), 17 Kent (a), 29 Isle of Wight (h).

August: 5 Birmingham (h), 6 Lakeside (a), 26 Kent (h), 28 Kent (a), 31 Isle of Wight (a).

September: 2 Lakeside (h), 11 Cradley (a), Mildenhall 16 (h).