Tony Bloom’s masterplan for Albion has been revealed.

Promotion from the Championship this season is just the “first ambition” the owner-chairman has for the club.

Bloom has pumped in around £250 million since taking over from Dick Knight, including building the Amex, the Lancing training complex and investment in the team.

Chief executive Paul Barber told The Argus: “Of course, the financial side is important and it would be great if we can deliver a return of most or all of it ideally, but he is also very realistic.

“Getting to the Premier League is difficult, staying there is difficult, staying there for two seasons even more difficult and establishing yourself as a mid-table, progressive club is even more difficult again.

“There are so many different levels to what we are trying to achieve and getting to the next level is the first ambition. Once you are there you’ve got to stay there and keep staying there.”

Bloom’s desire to take Albion into the top flight is growing – as a fan.

His main motivation is seeing the likes of Manchester United visit the Amex, not a return on his money.

Barber said: “Every year that goes by when we haven’t made it, his determination grows, but not from a business point of view, from a fan point of view.

“Very rarely do we talk about the financial rewards for getting there. The primary conversation is ‘Wouldn’t it be great to play at the highest level, because we’d be able to host such and such a club.’ “He would be embarrassed if he thought people were going the extra mile just for him, but he does deserve it.

“People in the club are so aware of what he’s done, the financial commitment he has made, not just to build the stadium and the training ground but year-on-year.”