Mattie Bates is back at Eastbourne Eagles for the new season.

He makes his return to the shale on a 4.86 average and replaces injured Adam Extance.

Team boss Connor Dugard said: "I could have made team changes and line ups but I did that last year and I didn't want to do it again. None of the team have done any wrong and we have a great vibe and I want to keep it that way.

"Mattie is committed. He has experience and, as many Eagles fans may recall from his time with us in our first year of National League racing in 2015.

"He has the potential to win big heats. Remember in 2015 he beat Rob Branford and Bradley Wilson-Dean in heat one."

Bates added:"It's great to be back. I finished last time with a broken leg, unfortunately.

"I like the Eastbourne track and all the management. I'm so geared up for this more than I ever have before."