Eastbourne have brought back former skipper Jake Knight - but axed Kelsey Dugard and Connor Coles.

Knight comes back into the IT First Eagles line-up having led them to the Knockout Cup last season.

He then retired due to work commitments but quickly realised he badly missed the sport.

Eagles have brought him back to add top-end firepower although Tom Brennan will still be No.1 in their new riding order.

Knight will partner Georgie Wood while Mark Baseby will be at five.

Young reserve Alex Spooner, who is Kent's No.8, will also come into the side.

Dugard suffered an ankle injury when crashing at home to Plymouth last Saturday but his place in the team was already under serious threat.

Coles dropped just one point against struggling Plymouth but that came too late to save his team place after a slow start to the campaign.

New riding order: Brennan, Bates, Knight, Wood, Baseby, Spooner, Powell.