ROB ANDREW is ready to take his time over appointing a new Sussex head coach – after being “inundated” with interest.

The county are seeking a replacement for Mark Davis who left recently.

Andrew believes Sussex should target promotion in the County Championship and qualification for the knockout stages of the cup events next summer under the new man.

He told The Argus: “There are lots of interesting conversations taking place.

“Not surprisingly we have been inundated with interest from lots of people.

“There is no timeline on it.

“It’s a big decision and we want to get it right, clearly.

“I have been involved in lots of coaching appointments and I have made some mistakes, learnt some lessons.

“We will do our best to make the right decision for the club and where we want to go over the next few years.”

Assistant coach Jon Lewis, currently working with England Lions, is thought to be a candidate although Andrew would not comment on the possibility of an internal promotion.

He said: “I have got a very, very open mind on all of this.

“I have been through it many times and you don’t close your mind off to anything in these situations because you never know what is out there.

“You can be surprised sometimes by things.”

The new coach will appoint his skipper for 2018.

Ben Brown took over until the end of last season after Luke Wright stepped down in mid-campaign.

Andrew said: “We won’t make that decision until we know who the new head coach is.

“We can sit down and work out what our strategy for next year.”

Andrew is after an improvement on last season in all formats.

He said: “We probably should have got promoted in the Championship if we are honest.

“We either won or we lost and I think that was the problem in the Championship.

“We were either very good or very bad and that level of consistency needs to improve.”