Eastbourne Eagles have revealed a radical change of appearance allied to a new sponsorship deal for next season.

The Forman IT Eagles will swap their traditional blue and yellow for a striking new racesuit in green, white and black.

Team boss Connor Dugard admits it will be a radical change for fans to get their heads around.

But he sees it having a positive effect and is promising a range of merchandise which he believes will prove popular with fans.

The sponsorship change is not as radical as might appear. Paul Goldsmith is the man behind both Forman IT and previous sponsors IT First, who put their name to Eastbourne in their first three years of National League speedway.

Eagles have adopted Forman IT’s colour scheme and the change will be dramatic.

Dugard said: “Our crowds were the worst they have been since we took over. We felt we needed to brighten it up a bit and try something different. The main thing we needed was Paul coming back for his fourth year.

“We are really happy he is back on board. Without him we wouldn’t be able to run the speedway.”

He added: “We understand not everyone is going to buy new merchandise.

“But you still seeing people wearing things from quite a few years ago. People have complained we don’t have new merchandise but no one buys it. The theory was we go for a completely different rebrand. The blue and yellow won’t be there at the track. Everything will be black, green and white.

“We have used Paul’s sister company to IT First, which is Forman IT, so it promotes Paul’s business and it makes it a rebrand of things for us now.”

Dugard now awaits public reaction. He admitted: “Some people will find it a bit of a shock but I can’t really see people not turning up because the colours are different. “The whole stadium will be changing colour. The pits will be black and green, the fence will be white. We are going along with it.”