Albion manager Chris Hughton has welcomed the Football Association's adoption of the 'Rooney Rule' as a first step towards fairer representation for black and ethnic minorities.

The FA will interview at least one BAME candidate for future roles in the England set-up, provided they meet the relevant recruitment criteria.

Hughton said: "I certainly feel for the FA to have made the decision they have made is very worthwhile. I would applaud what they have done and would see it as a positive."

Asked about Premier League clubs following suit, Hughton said: "They are the next stages. All we want on this subject is for progress to be made, to eventually see more black and ethnic coaches involved at the higher levels of the game."

Hughton is open to the idea of shortlists for backroom staff. "Yes, it's certainly something that I would think of," he said.

"If I'm looking at the staff I have, Paul Trollope (assistant) in particular is someone who worked with me so it was a natural one for me when Colin Calderwood left (for Aston Villa) and I needed to bring someone in at very quick notice.

The Argus: "But certainly Paul Nevin (above) is someone I'd worked with but not directly so he was someone I knew but he was one of three or four that I spoke with and after that I decided to give the job to him."

Hughton believes ultimate progress on the issue depends on more BAME representation as decision-makers, not just as candidates.

He told The Argus: "The rule itself is set up not to give black and ethnic minority candidates jobs, it's to give them the opportunities to get jobs.

"But we are working in a very multi-cultural environment now as regards players and grassroots and starting very much at academy (level).

"We just want the right representation at the top levels of our game. That includes management, decision-makers, CEO's. I think that's what everybody would want."