GAETAN BONG has received the full backing of Albion manager Chris Hughton for his conduct throughout his racism row with Jay Rodriguez.

The FA charged Rodriguez after a clash with Bong in the Premier League match at the Hawthorns in January, but the case against the West Brom striker was not proven by an independent commission.

Bong responded on Twitter on Friday evening following the verdict. He urged others to stand up for themselves in similar circumstances.

Hughton said: “We were disappointed with the outcome. The process by the FA and communication from the FA was excellent, so certainly there’s no problem with that.

“I think the wording from both statements, by the FA and the committee that dealt with it, says the right things. You have only got to read Gaetan’s reply on Twitter. That shows the individual that he is.

“Some of the wording says, in effect, that he was right to make the complaint, that it’s not proven and there is other wording in there as well which I think exonerates him in making the accusation.”

Albion have been angered by reports that Rodriguez was ‘cleared’, despite the FA’s carefully worded statement and publication of 30 pages of written evidence.

Hughton said: “Everybody is going to write it how they want to write it. In what I have read there are particular wordings from both statements that it certainly wasn’t improper for him (Bong) to make the accusation and from both parties it’s not a question of not believing what he said, it’s just a question of proving it.

“He’s a very strong individual, very disciplined individual. You can see that from his own reply and he will look to put this behind him and concentrate on what will be a very tough end of season."