The crucial role played by Albion's medical team in staying in the Premier League has been revealed.

The Seagulls had the fewest number of injuries and the best minutes per injury record, according to figures.

Data from shows Albion had 13 significant injuries lasting ten or more days.

That is well clear of the next-best, Southampton, with 20 followed by Manchester City and West Brom on 22.

Crystal Palace's campaign was affected by 40 injuries, one more than Arsenal and two higher than West Ham.

Albion's figures converted to 305 minutes per injury, way ahead of Manchester City (233) and Tottenham (215).

Palace's ratio was just 95 minutes, relegated Stoke 105 minutes.

Albion also fared well in the number of days lost, even though the injuries they had were mainly of a longer term nature.

They lost 748 days, a statistic bettered only by Southampton (502), Spurs (639), Liverpool (641) and Chelsea (744).

Watford had the heaviest toll, losing 1,805 days.