ALBION will be at the forefront of changes in the way some Premier League fans watch their football.

Chief executive Paul Barber has reported a positive response from other clubs for his views on standing and sitting in away sections.

The Seagulls will help the Premier League put changes into place in time for the coming campaign.

They are also monitoring what they see as a shift in emphasis in the long-running debate over safe-standing.

Albion believe all-seater regulations in away sections should be more stringently imposed in some areas, allowing supporters who want to sit to do so and still see the game.

It is currently common practice for away fans to stand throughout matches, contrary to stadium regulations, while authorities turn a blind eye.

Barber says those away fans who want or need to sit should be able to do so and presented his ideas to the Premier League annual meeting in Harrogate.

He told The Argus: “There was a very positive reaction. The Premier League commended us for putting the idea forward.

“The clubs all got behind it. They thought it was a great idea.

“Some of them can implement it easily and we will be one of them. Others have trickier situations because of the configuration of their stadiums.

“What the Premier League committed to do was to take it away and manage it so that they can issue guidelines to all clubs once they have worked on the detail.

“We have agreed to work with them on the detail and we hope to do that with them over the next few weeks in time for next season.

“At least some of the clubs will have everything in place for next season.

“It might take a little bit longer with others.”

In The Argus today, Barber examines key issues discussed by the Premier clubs – the sharing of money raised by the sale of TV rights to overseas markets and the introduction of a staggered winter break from the 2019-20 season.

He also pays tribute to Premier League chief Richard Scudamore, who is stepping down.

And he discusses a change of emphasis which could lead to the introduction of safe-standing in existing seated areas without the need to install rail-seating.

There is no indication as to whether Albion would for or against such form of standing at matches.

But they will follow the debate with interest in the knowledge that many fans already like to stand for long periods in the North Stand at the Amex.

Barber said: “That’s the government’s debate, the football authorities’ debate.

“We can see where that goes. It is an interesting twist on what has been a long-running debate.”