Shane Duffy upset his Albion defensive partner Lewis Dunk - by cheering for Croatia to knock England out of the World Cup.

But the Republic of Ireland international ended up feeling "gutted" for close friend Dunk and Gareth Southgate's side.

The multi-national Albion squad watched last night's semi-final in Russia at a restaurant at their training camp in the Austrian Alpine resort of Schruns.

Duffy, engaging in some good-natured banter, said: "A couple weren't happy with me. I was delighted for England (reaching the semi-finals), don't get me wrong, but I was delighted they didn't win it!

"Then, when they actually lost, I felt a bit bad because I was actually cheering for Croatia.

"Dunky wasn't happy and I was a bit gutted for them. It brought the whole country together. I just couldn't listen to the fans and that song, it's coming home."