Ben Brown has welcomed a home start for Sussex next season.

But he has concerns over an uneven Championship fixture list.

The Sussex skipper hopes his county are not adversely affected by an imbalance in the Specsavers County Championship schedule.

Sussex have just one game against last year’s crisis county Glamorgan – as was the case in 2018.

They again play Middlesex twice in the quest for promotion.

Sussex remain in the nine-team second tier but again have only seven games at home and seven away.

They do not visit Glamorgan or Leicestershire and do not host Lancashire or Derbyshire.

Brown said: “We don’t get to play everybody twice and I find that quite frustrating, to be honest.

“It’s something that came up last season.

“We don’t know who will be strong or weak next year, although you can have an educated guess.

“We beat Glamorgan in two days at Hove but did not play them away.

“They might get stronger over this winter.

“But I know it was frustrating last year when Kent beat Glamorgan for a second time when they were going for promotion.

“I know the wish of the professionals was to play all teams twice."


April 5-8: Leicestershire (h).

April 11-14: Durham (a).

May 20-23: Northamptonshire (a).

May 27-30: Glamorgan (h).

June 3-6: Middlesex (a).

June 11-14: Gloucestershire (h, Arundel).

June 17-20: Worcestershire (a).

June 24-27: Durham (h).

June 30-July 3: Northamptonshire (h).

July 13-16: Lancashire (a).

Aug 18-21: Middlesex (h).

Sept 10-13: Gloucestershire (a).

Sept 16-19: Derbyshire (a).

Sept 23-26: Worcestershire (h).