Ian Wright has revealed how Albion legend Steve Foster rescued him when he was penniless, with no way of getting home from a trial with the Seagulls.

Wright's try-out with Albion as a teenager has been well documented - but not the despair felt by the former Crystal Palace, Arsenal and England striker during the six weeks he spent trying to prove he was worth taking on.

The then 19-year-old wanted to go back to London to visit his family on a day off but could not afford the train fare.

Albion players told him he could claim expenses back at the club but he was left waiting for five hours.

Wright, speaking to The Players' Tribune, said: "I was just sitting there in silence, hoping that someone would notice me. Notice how much I was trying in training.

"Notice how far I’d travelled to take this football trial. Notice how long I was willing to wait, just so I could get the train home.

"At about five o’clock, Brighton’s first-team captain, Steve Foster (below right), came in to get treatment for an injury. We’d spoken a few times during my trial, and he asked me what I was doing there.

The Argus: "I I told him: 'I’m waiting for expenses to get back to London'.

"His face contorted. He said: 'Since when? From this morning?'

"And I swear to God, he went into this room and I could hear him from the outside telling people off. He's shouting, 'How can you do this? This poor boy's been waiting'

"He comes out a few minutes later with this lady, and she handed me about 200 pounds in cash.

The Argus: "I I remember saying thank you to Steve (above), getting a bus to the station, getting on the train — and then bursting into tears. "The feeling of helplessness I felt in those five hours will stay with me forever. It was about a lot more than football."