No top flight club has gone through managers as much as Albion's big rivals Crystal Palace, according to a study.

Palace have been through 25 managers and caretakers since 1998-99, an average of one every ten months.

Analysis by shows Albion are sixth in the table with 18 managers over the past 20 years.

Arsenal (2) and Manchester United (5) are the clubs with the lowest number of managers employed over the period.

The average lifespan of Premier League managers fell from 19 months 1998-2008 to 16 months 2008-18.

In total, Premier League clubs have employed 281 managers/caretakers since 1998.

Bournemouth's Eddie Howe is the longest-serving current PL manager (six years and 62 days), 17 days more than Burnley's Sean Dyche.

Albion's Chris Hughton is fourth on the list behind Tottenham's Mauricio Pochettino.