Albion boss Chris Hughton has revealed how difficult it is and what his players are up against when they face the likes of Manchester United.

Hughton will have a bird's eye view in the technical area at Old Trafford tomorrow of the latest attempt to get a result away from home against one of the top six.

United have been beaten twice at the Amex, Arsenal as well, but eight visits to the Premier League's big six have so far produced eight defeats for Albion, with one goal scored and 17 against.

At home too six of the seven defeats have come against the elite clubs, including last Saturday when Liverpool needed a Mo Salah penalty to stretch their lead at the summit over Manchester City.

Albion received scant recognition for being the only team apart from City to prevent Liverpool scoring in a league game this season in open play.

Hughton told The Argus: "I think the art of organisation generally is appreciated but it is appreciated more when you gets results doing it.

"I do also think, having been in the game for as long as I have, you might get away with it in some circumstances or a particular team might, but a lot of people don't realise how difficult it is when you are playing against the likes of Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea.

"When you are at ground level you can see their levels and the things that they can do naturally or well that would be harder for the likes of players that play at our level of club to do.

"So there is that imbalance. Sometimes it's big, sometimes not so big."

The Argus: Hughton (above) does not believe Albion's struggle to score or get a result in the backyards of the heavy hitters is because of an inferiority complex.

He said: "I don't think it's a mindset. With us, in everything we've said going away to the big teams we've always been very positive.

"We've never gone to a City or Liverpool and said, we are going to play this way and let's try to get a draw.

"We've always spoken about how we can win the game.

"It just so happens that to win a game at Liverpool or a top six team, defensively you have to play well.

"There is never any problem with the mindset, it's just the difficulty of the task, and you know there will be occasions when you get most things right, maybe they don't play at their level, and it gives you an opportunity to get something."

Albion ran Mourinho's United close in the league at Old Trafford last season, losing 1-0.

There are also those two victories at the Amex, 1-0 in May and 3-2 in August, to boost belief that an upset is possible.

Hughton said: "We had two very good results at the Amex. One was towards the end of last season to secure our status in the division and the one this season kick-started our season after a very poor performance at Watford.

"Both were very significant results because of the timing but also because you're playing one of the best teams in the country and getting that type of result. It can't do anything but lift you as a team."

The appointment of playing legend Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in place of Mourinho has certainly lifted United. They have reeled off six straight wins under the Norwegian.

"They are a team playing very well at the moment and, along with that, they are getting results," Hughton said.

"The two don't always go together. But they are playing very well and players like Rashford, Martial and Pogba are giving them wonderful offensive options and offensive play.

"They brought him (Solskjaer) in for a reason and, at the moment, it looks like what ever reason they brought him in for is working."