MARK McGHEE made Sergio Torres’ dream come true – and then appeared to kill it stone dead.

So the Argentinian midfielder couldn’t quite believe it when his club Eastbourne Borough appointed a new manager recently.

McGhee, the man who told Torres he was too slow and not strong enough for English football, is in interim charge at Priory Lane.

The two of them laugh about it now – and Torres admits the Scottish boss was right when he rejected him at Albion.

It is all part of the amazing story which Torres and director Jasper Spanjaart have committed to film.

Their work, The Unknown Torres, premiers at the Duke of York’s cinema in Brighton on Sunday, April 7 (8pm).

There will also be a screening at Crawley Town and potentially some more of Torres’s old clubs.

The film is available to download or on DVD and the man himself believes the story of how he came to England with next to nothing to pursue his football dream can be a tear-jerker.

Torres went back to Argentina and visited Crawley, Wycombe and Old Trafford to collect footage as they told his story.

The Borough man said: “I’m really happy with the film and watching it back was quite emotional.

“When my family saw it they said ‘you laugh with the movie and you cry with it too’ and I wanted to transmit that emotion.

“My mate Russell Martin (the former Norwich captain) said he cried about eight times watching it.

“We went back to my first club in Argentina, where I played futsal when I was six or seven.

“Of course there was Old Trafford, standing there reliving everything from when Crawley were there in the FA Cup.

“I hope some kids who see it can be inspired.

“I am thinking of kids aged 16 or 17 who are at academies and don’t get a deal.

“Just like happened to me when I came here from Argentina for a trial at Brighton.

“Mark McGhee saw me on video and said he liked me so I came to England because of him.

“I trained for two weeks and he was really honest. He said I was technically good but I wasn’t strong enough or quick enough to play league football in England.

“He was right. He made me realise I had to work hard and train hard and improve.

“I went away and played two years in non-league.

“Fifteen years later, he’s my manager. He still remembers it and we laugh about it now.

“I had a chat with him and Charlie Oatway, who is our coach. I told Charlie I can still remember arriving in England and being kicked in training every day by two bald players.

“I think Charlie was one and the other was probably Adam El-Abd.”

That Cup tie at Old Trafford was probably the highlight for Torres. Or maybe the winning goal against Derby in a previous round. It is all there in the film, which will be available in English and Spanish.

Now Torres is looking forward to another big occasion at the Duke of York’s.

Tickets can bought from the cinema box office or via, the latter also being the place to pre-order the DVD.

The premier will include a question and answer session with Torres, Martin and Spanjaart.

A screening will take place at Crawley Town on April 10 and the film will also feature in festivals overseas, starting in Moscow.

Torres said: “Our idea wasn’t to make money but we want to show people the story and hopefully inspire one or two kids.”