CHRIS Hughton wants Albion to put Wembley on hold to concentrate again on staying in the Premier League.

The dramatic FA Cup quarter-final win at Millwall has created a "real buzz" around the club.

But the manager is intent on attention gradually turning back to the priority of top flight survival.

He told The Argus: "There's been a real buzz around the place.

"I think that's normal. It's not just about getting to the semi-final but the manner of the (Millwall) game itself.

"To equalise in the last moment and to win on penalties, there was a lot of adrenaline flying around the stadium and Brighton supporters watching the game on television.

"That lasts a while and that's normal and expected. But as we get into the weekend with six players away on international duty and approach next week, the focus will turn very much onto our most important game at the moment, which is the Southampton game."

Albion are at home to fellow strugglers Southampton a week tomorrow and have a rearranged visit to Chelsea three days before the FA Cup semi-final against Manchester City at Wembley on April 6.

Hughton said: "The players know the semi-final is not next week. I don't think it will be a problem. What we have got to do is put the semi-final on hold until it comes around.

"At the moment there's a nice buzz, but it will get to a stage over the next few days where we won't want to be talking about the semi-final.

"I know there's organisational things to be done, but certainly as regards myself and the players we certainly won't want any talk of the semi-final.

"We want total concentrations on taking this good run – we are now on the back of three wins – certainly into the Southampton game and then the other games.

"Everything I talk about to the players now will be the league campaign and the next game. I am not even entertaining at this moment the team I will play or any tactics against Man City.

"All I'm thinking about is getting results in these games and hopefully going into the semi-final on the back of some decent results. At the moment they are more important. What I won't accept is any thinking about the semi-final before it comes around."