Mathew Ryan wants to make it a Super Sunday for his family and friends back home.

Albion kick off against Manchester City in the middle of the night, Aussie time.

But the Socceroos keeper expects at least one big fan back home to be tuning in.

He said: “With the changing of the clocks, it will be a 3.30 kick-off on Sunday morning.

“My mum is always up watching so she will definitely be up.

“I’m not sure about the rest of the family but we will see.”

Ryan signed up for a big challenge when he joined the Seagulls from Bruges in the summer of 2017.

They don’t come much bigger than this but he knows how to make the most of the good times.

Ryan and Albion winger Jose Izquierdo recently returned to their former club and were interviewed about winning the Belgian FA Cup back in 2015, when they defeated Anderlecht 2-1 in the final.

Aleksandar Mitrovic scored the Anderlecht goal which was not enough to ruin Ryan’s day.

Asked about being invited back, the keeper said of his recent visit: “They didn’t invite us – we just went back! We know they are a very warm and accepting club.

“Some of our greatest times in our lives, both for Jose and I, were there.

“The most memorable moments are when you are successful.

“When you are picking up silverware, like I did there and Jose had a little bit more than I had, it’s always going to be a special place.”

To add to his collection of cup finals, Ryan and colleagues will probably have to produce their finest performance of his time at the club.

The defensive endeavour required in midweek in Chelsea was a timely preview of how the semi might pan out.

Ryan said: “It’s a massive challenge. It’s nice to get to the business end of a competition and being in the semi-final is definitely that.

“We were eager to get on the training pitch and start turning it around (after the 3-0 defeat at Chelsea) to what will hopefully be a positive day for the club and everybody involved.

“In the past, when we have set up against these big sides, we tend to get less rein to use our attacking flair.

“It will be a similar game plan in trying to weather the storm they are probably going to throw at us early and keep ourselves in the game.

“In the first half (at Chelsea) we had a couple of occasions when we got into their area.

“With a little bit more luck composure, quality, we could have maybe gone 1-0 up.

“That will be the goal first and foremost – to be solid defensively and not give them a leg up and get their confidence up with getting a goal.

“If we can keep ourselves in the game, I believe we can score a goal. We have scored against them in the past.”

The semi represents Ryan’s second appearance at Wembley, the first having come in the Premier League defeat to Tottenham last season.

He said: “I’m expecting this one to be a different occasion and I’m very much looking forward to being part of it.

“With life and football, in bad times you have got to roll up your sleeves and work harder and that makes the better times that much sweeter.

“Any time you are successful and winning trophies, that is ultimately why I play the game. When you go through together with a side with a plan and a strategy to be successful, the sweetest thing is to lift that silverware. There is no better feeling.

“That’s the goal with this FA Cup competition we are in now and we will be doing everything we can.”

It could make special viewing for insomniacs back home although none of Ryan’s family will be among the hordes at Wembley.

He said: “My family aren’t coming but, if we win on Saturday, maybe it will be a different story!

“It will be a little bit strange having 35,000 of our fans at an away game, so to speak. But I can’t wait to experience it.”