Boo boys come with the territory in the Premier League.

That is the message from Albion manager Chris Hughton, who says you have to “ride with it”.

Opponents Bournemouth were booed off after last Saturday’s home defeat by Burnley, which left them with one win in nine games.

They are still on course to stay up for a fourth season in succession since promotion.

Hughton said: “I don’t want to speak for Eddie (Howe), but if I relate it to here, as a manager you have to expect that it’s part and parcel of the game.

“What happens at any level, at the bigger clubs where the expectations are a lot higher, then it’s something that might happen on a more regular basis.

“But there are always going to be expectations from the supporters and once you lift those expectations there can be a disappointment when you don’t reach them.

“And it’s how you voice those disappointments.

“The same individuals in a crowd who might be booing are the same ones who are jumping up and down like mad when they score.

“So I think you have to ride with it.

“I think overall, if you believe you have got a good supportive crowd behind you, which I’m quite sure they do, you have to accept that with expectations there are going to be disappointments and at time supporters are going to voice that.”