Glenn Murray believes staying in the Premier League must remainAlbion’s priority if they survive again this time.

The Seagulls are battling with Cardiff to secure a third season in the top flight.

Murray, asked if a point has been reached where survival is not enough for some people, told The Argus: “That depends who you are talking to.

“As far as internally, I feel as though definitely the first two, if not the first three or four years, it’s about remaining a Premier League team and trying to build gradually while you are in there.

“But first and foremost it’s to stay in the league and I am sure that’s what we will be setting out to do as long as we manage to stave off relegation this year.”

Murray has 11 Premier League goals, one short of last season’s tally, and 13 overall with matches remaining at Arsenal tomorrow and at home to Manchester City on May 12.

He will finish top scorer again for the fourth season in a row spread over his two spells with the club.

The 35-year-old missed out in 2009-10 when he was hit by injuries and ended up on 14 goals, two behind Nicky Forster.

“I don’t really look at it as though they are relying on my goals,” Murray said. “I just try to do my job and get on the end of crosses and try to do what I enjoy doing, what I’ve always enjoyed doing.

“Hopefully I can do that for a few more seasons yet.”