Eastbourne could make team changes after losing wonderkid Tom Brennan to a broken leg.

Brennan crashed out of a 45-44 home defeat to Glasgow Tigers.

He was taken to hospital in Hastings, where it was confirmed he broke his lower right leg in three places after hurtling into the fence on bend four during heat 12.

It is a huge blow for rider and team.

But that mishap was not the only reason his team slipped to a second successive one-point home defeat in the SGB Championship.

Eagles threw away points throughout the meeting and, though they came from seven down to lead 30-29, the defeat was not as close as would appear from the scoreline.

Glasgow were five points up ahead of a heat 15 in which Lewi Kerr and Edward Kennett pulled back a 5-1 after Tigers top man Craig Cook went through the tapes.

Brennan was due both to ride in a World Under-21 Championship semi-final next weekend and, thanks to his early-season performances, move into the main body of the Eastbourne team.

He will now be replaced and it could be the trigger for one or more associated line-up changes as Eagles look for their first point in the SGB Championship.

Head of speedway Jon Cook said: “We set a very high standard on and off the track and we have had two self-inflicted defeats.

“Those defeats have come for a variety of reasons and it would be unprofessional of me to enlarge on them until we have spoken to the people involved.

“Speedway fans are not foolish people. They can see the team is not sitting quite right, it’s not looking comfortable and we need to make the team comfortable back at its home.

“To do that, we need to work with team members and people off track to get that home track feeling back.

“In the last two meetings, look at the amount of points we have thrown away in fairly ridiculous circumstances.

“If Tom hadn’t so sadly crashed out, then obviously we would have won this speedway meeting.

“But, with the quality of teams coming to us, we should be tidying these matches up a long time in advance and we are not.”

Cook said one or two riders “are feeling a little bit comfortable and that needs to change” while there also appeared to be issues with the track.

Eagles had three exclusions in the first five races and both Georgie Wood and Alfie Bowtell endured poor nights.

Action was halted for an hour after Brennan's crash.

Cook said: “It’s a shocker because he was just looking like exactly the rider we thought he would be.”

Eagles: Brennan 11+2 (6), Kennett 11+1 (5), Kerr 11 (5), Lawson 7 (4), Morley 3+2 (4), Bowtell 1 (3), Wood 0 (4).

Glasgow: Cook 11 (5), Starke 9+1 (5), Jensen 8+1 (4), Coles 6+2 (5), Vissing 6+1 (4), Bickley 3+1 (3), Sarjeant 2 (4).