Lewi Kerr rounded off Eastbourne’s great weekend – by reporting a lucky non-break.

The Fineprint Eagles star was taken to hospital with neck and shoulder damage after hurtling into the air fence.

His departure, along with opposing captain Kevin Doolan (suspected concussion) left a shadow over a 65-25 thumping of Berwick in the SGB Championship.

But Kerr was told in hospital he had not broken any bones and a week’s rest was all that was required.

Eagles picked up their first match points of the season on the back of ten 5-1s and five shared heats.

Co-manager Will Pottinger said teams on and off the bikes got it right.

He told The Argus: “The track was a lot better. The track staff have probably taken a lot of stick in the last few weeks but they got it right tonight and they deserve credit for that.

“The riders could ride quite easily. It was a lot easier to turn the bike.

“That was what they asked for and they got what they wanted.

“We sorted a few bike problems. We got points throughout the team, plenty of bonus points.

“We had fallen short in the last couple of (home) matches by one point but there are fine margins in speedway.”

No Eagles posted maximums but reserve Georgie Wood, looking right back to form, went as close as anyone. He dropped his only point when forced into an error by the hard-chasing Nikolaj Busk Jakobsen in heat four.

Pottinger said: “Georgie has been on fire for the Isle of Wight (in the National League) and he transferred that to Eagles.”

Alfie Bowtell also delighted fans on his drop to reserve after some tough weeks.

Kerr and Doolan were injured after coming together off the start of heat three.

Action was delayed by 50 minutes but Kyle Newman went out to win the re-run as part of a solid debut.

Eagles defend a 25-point lead at Newman’s previous club Birmingham in the Knockout Cup on Wednesday. Saturday’s home meeting versus Sheffield has been postponed due a clash with the televised Champions League final in Madrid.

Eagles: Kennett 13+1 (5), Lawson 13+1 (5), Wood 12+2 (5), Newman 10+1 (5), Morley 9+4 (5), Bowtell 8+4 (5), Kerr withdrawn.

Berwick: Jakobsen 11 (6), Summers 6 (4), Gappmaier 4 (6), Flint 2+2 (6), Etheridge 2+1 (4), Jenkins 0 (5), Doolan withdrawn.