Mathew Ryan says he has “full faith” in Albion ’s big decision to change boss.

The Seagulls goalkeeper revealed he was having his hair cut when he heard Chris Hughton had been given the chop.

Ryan said he was shocked by the news but has confidence in the decision-makers at the club.

He told Macquarie Sports Radio: “I was actually in the barbershop and fan came in and was getting his haircut.

“After he finished, he got up and much to his shock, and I can’t quite remember the noise he made, but he said, ‘Oh my God, Chris Hughton has been sacked’.

“That’s how I discovered the news, it came as a shock, he’s a great gentleman of the game, Chris, around the training ground and all that.”

Ryan added: “I have full faith in our club with the decisions they make, it’s obviously in the best interests of the club, and when pre-season comes around again I’ll be doing everything I can to make this new change hopefully a positive one.”