Tom Brennan is targeting a racing comeback as he recovers from horror injuries.

The Eastbourne racer suffered a triple break to his right leg and lung issues after crashing in the recent home defeat by Glasgow.

He was placed in an induced coma for two days to allow his lungs time to recover.

Brennan, 17, admits it will be a long road back.

He was on a high at the time of his injury, having trebled his average and reached the semi-finals of the World Under-21 Championship.

But he is determined to get back to that level.

The Fineprint Eagles star said: “Initially when the crash happened it wasn’t much of a problem. Obviously a broken leg but it wasn’t anything life-threatening.

“Then, I think it was the Sunday night, I fell asleep ready for my operation on the Monday and I had a really bad problem breathing.

“Next thing you know, the operation was off and I had to get through that.

“Hopefully it isn’t too long out and we can start getting back to shape.

“My goal is to get up walking in the next couple of months but I definitely don’t want to push it.

“I’ve got to keep on top of some form of nutrition.

“The worst thing I can do is sit here and eat and eat and do nothing about it.

“Within a few months it should be okay, that’s the plan.

“I don’t think I’ve lost any love for the sport.

“Obviously I’ll be a bit nervous the first couple of times.

“But give it a few meetings and I should be okay.”

Fans saw Brennan hurtle into the fence around the third and fourth bends at Arlington.

Brennan said: “I’ve seen the crash. You don’t want to crash but, when you do, you want a cool-looking crash. I think I completed that!

“Seeing it is all a bit overwhelming at times but I’m studying it and saying, ‘This is what went wrong’.

“I will definitely learn from it but it’s always a bit hard watching it, I guess.”

The racer has thanked family, friends and fans for their support.

He said: “I have had amazing support from everyone.”

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Eagles host Newcastle in the SGB Championship tonight (7.30pm).