Bruno expects Albion's new-look passing game to be given a timely examination by Valencia.

But the man who might have been out there knocking the ball about himself says he does not miss playing one bit.

The former Valencia right-back will be in the technical area as the Spanish Cup winners visit the Amex tonight (7pm).

He took a role helping head coach Graham Potter after hanging up his boots at the end of last season.

It’s a fresh challenge which he is enjoying. That bit is easily understandable.

But there must be mornings at the training ground when he wished he was out there pinging passes and pulling off tricks and flicks, surely?

“No – seriously,” he told The Argus.

“That is one of the questions that a lot of people have been asking me.

“I thought I was going to miss it but not even once.

“I think I’m the kind of person, when I take a decision, it’s because I have been thinking about it a lot.

“My head was telling me that, my heart as well, and it was a perfect decision.

“I felt it was the moment and right now I am enjoying it a lot from outside.

“It’s a new role, of course, but the staff have been really good with me.

“I am learning so much. That is my aim – learning and trying to help the team.

“It is so different. I have always been aware of the difficulties of being a coach.

“Now, from the other side, you can see even more.

“With Graham and his team, it has been amazing.

“They like modern football and it is interesting to see how people from different places can think almost the same. It is really powerful.”

One obvious role for Bruno is as a link between the playing squad and the management team.

He said: “I have been with some players, like Dunky, for seven years.

“I think it is good to have that role as well.

“But the gaffer is really clever as well and he can do that.

“But I know how the boys think or what they need and that is always good for the staff. It’s just trying to help, that is the main thing.”

Albion have gone 4-2-3-1 and 3-4-3 in their two senior friendlies on these shores.

But there have been constant factors. Like the way they play on the deck, working the ball through midfielders Dale Stephens and Davy Propper.

That will be the case again versus a Valencia side who finished fourth in LaLiga Santander last season and then beat Barcelona in the cup final.

These final rehearsals can offer a good barometer as to how Albion are shaping up for the season.

Such as when they beat newly-crowned Champions League winners Chelsea in 2012 and Europa League victors Sevilla in 2015 ahead of two of their better seasons of recent times.

Two goals against the iron defence of Atletico Madrid in 2017 suggested they were ready to compete in the Premier League.

But a tame defeat by Southampton under Sami Hyypia in 2014 hinted that a tough season was ahead.

Bruno said: “I think it is a really interesting fixture.

“Valencia is a great team. They have got so many talented players and it is going to be the type of football we are going to face in the league.

“Especially as we are trying to play from the back. “Playing against a side like Valencia, you cannot make mistakes because up top they have got quality players.”

Asked whether this is the best Valencia side for several years, Bruno – who left Mestalla in 2012 after three seasons with the club – said: “Probably. Marcelino (head coach) is giving them that consistency.

“They play in a solid 4-4-2. He has got so much experience and they have quite a settled team.

“Over the last few years, there have been a lot of changes.

“Now it looks like they have got almost the same starting XI as last season.”

Valencia skipper Dani Parejo remains from Bruno’s time at Valencia, as do several members of staff.

But times change. And, for Bruno, that means some of the restrictions of his playing days have now been lifted.

There is no football or compulsory running but he is keeping in shape.

He said: “I am trying to do a lot of stuff that I couldn’t do before because I was playing.

“I am trying to enjoy that, like playing tennis, running, swimming.

“I still do a lot of stuff to keep fit because I love sport.”