Australia have yet to see the Ashes best of Jofra Archer.

That is the view of his Sussex coach and ex-Australia fast bowler Jason Gillespie as the third Test gets under way.

All eyes will be on Archer and a potential battle of the bouncers as the series moves to Headingley.

But Gillespie will be keeping an eye on the ball which follows the short delivery.

Archer blasted Steve Smith out of the Aussies' batting line-up when the skipper was hit by a short one at Lord’s.

But, while the England debutant emptied bars and made headlines, Gillespie says he can bowl better.

He told he Argus: “For me, it’s the follow-up deliveries that count.

“Jofra has done well but I actually thought his stock ball was a fraction short, if I’m honest.

“When he’s not bowling bouncers, when he was looking to bowl good line and length, I thought he was a fraction short.

“If he asked me what I saw I’d tell him – ‘You’re bowling about a foot too short’.

“There was a lot of leaves, a lot of plays off the back foot.

“While he was bowling quick, I’m not sure he was as effective as he could have been.

“Everyone forgets Stuart Broad got eight wickets in that Test match. Jofra got five.

“Stuart Broad got his length right, I thought. If there has been a criticism of Broad over the years, it has been that he bowls too short.

“When he gets his line and length right, he is an even more dangerous bowler. I think the same thing with Jofra.

“If he gets his length right, that top-of-off length, knee roll to top of the front pad, if he can hone in on that length more often, I think he will be even more dangerous.”