Martin Montoya is relishing his new balancing act down the Albion right.

And that doesn’t just mean managing to feel heavy-legged but, at the same time, have a spring in his step at full-time.

Those heavy post-match legs are real. The former Barcelona man freely admits the up-and-down wing-back role operated by Graham Potter leaves him wearier after games.

A spring in his step is more figurative after a game as he enjoys his football.

But it can also be clearly seen in a more literal sense during matches.

The man who came from Valencia just over a year ago with a reputation as an attacking right-back is loving the new 3-4-3 formation.

Montoya enjoyed the freedom of Vicarage Road in the first match of the season as perhaps his best Premier League display yet helped secure a 3-0 win over Watford.

Although he was probably less impressive in the 1-1 draw against West Ham, he still had some good moments in attack and his pinpoint cross created a great chance for Davy Propper.

The balance, as perhaps seen when the Hammers built their goal down his flank, is between attack and defence.

Montoya told The Argus: “With this system, I have more freedom to play the ball.

“We try to use the ball and create chances.

“We enjoy it more. We play more football, we have more possession.

“You’ve seen the chances we have created in our first two matches.

“I’ve always been someone who enjoys having the ball.

“I think having possession generates confidence within the team, it helps you get forward and create a lot more chances than when you just defend.

“On Saturday, we had enough chances to win. The other day, we won 3-0 and this is the way to follow.

“If we keep going as we are, we will hit our targets.”

Officially, Montoya has now doubled his number of career league appearances at wing-back.

But the fact he played for Barcelona distorts that a little.

He said: “At Barcelona, you always have possession of the ball.

“Even when we were playing a back four, the full-backs were almost wingers. You always had freedom to get forward very quickly “I’ve played this system a couple of times at Valencia with an Italian coach but it was only two games.

“For me it is a new system but it’s good, it gives me that freedom.

“I’ve always been an attacking full-back and that is why this suits me. Of course, you have got to go all the way up and then come back and that is the only handicap.

“You’ve got to get up and down the whole touchline.

“But, in the end, you enjoy it more, you get forward quite easily and I feel comfortable.”

Fans first saw the three-man defence in operation in the pre-season game at Birmingham, which Albion won 4-0.

Montoya said the change of approach surprised the players but they quickly took to it.

He added: “At the start of pre-season, we were working as a line of four and we thought that was going to be how it went.

“Then he brought in a line of three and against Birmingham it was the first time he used it.

“We weren’t expecting it, in truth.

“We had done it in training but, at Birmingham, we had a convincing win. Then, against Valencia, we also won and played very well.

“We had a lot of possession, the same at Watford “Against West Ham it was a very competitive match but we wanted to play, we had the initiative. We had chances.

“This system suits us well. Pascal (Gross) moves very well between the lines and that gives me freedom to go forward.

“Last year, I didn’t enjoy it so much in that respect.

“The team didn’t play as much football, we stayed back more.

“I feel very confident with lots of capacity to attack.”