Albion boss Graham Potter says his encounter with Manchester City last season will be no help to him when the Seagulls travel to the Etihad.

In the FA Cup quarter-final last season, Potter’s Swansea City side went 2-0 up inside the opening half-an-hour against City, before eventually tumbling to the champions 3-2 in controversial circumstances with the winning goal from Sergio Aguero being offside.

Swans frightened the life out of City that day.

But Potter was keen to stress how that meeting last season will be no use to him with Albion.

He said: “It’s a different team, a different group of players, a different environment, a different competition we have experienced it.

“It was a nice game but,at the same time, we have got to help our players perform at the Etihad. That’s what we have got to do, that’s the challenge.”

Albion are a long shot to get anything from the game but Potter believes you should always feel there is a chance you can get some reward.

He said: “The great thing about football is you should approach every game thinking that there is a chance that you can win and also understanding that you can lose.

“That was the same on Tuesday night when we played Bristol Rovers. I think that is what is brilliant about football. When you lose that, I don’t think it becomes fun.

“So we have to go there believing that we can, understanding the enormity of the challenge because I have huge respect for Manchester City and what they have done, what they have achieved. They are a fantastic football team.”

Potter was also asked whether he looks at what Pep Guardiola does to make his sides great.

He said: “Everybody looks up to Pep. He has that influence on everybody.

“In football in my lifetime I can’t think of anybody more so in terms of how he affected Barcelona, then Bayern Munich and now Manchester City.

“Before he came, the Premier League was seen as anybody can beat anybody and, 200 points later, it’s not quite the same. That’s his influence, without a doubt.”

The Albion boss has overseen a mixed start to the season and progression through to the third round of the Carabao Cup.

But how much is he enjoying life on the South Coast?

Potter said: “I’m enjoying life because I’m fortunate to be here and I’m enjoying working for this club with the group of players we have.

“We have got a lot of work to do, we can improve a lot. We have got a huge challenge at the weekend so it’s enjoyable but it’s also very hard work and challenging which is good.”

Albion have not enjoyed a win in the league against City since 1989, back in the old second division, when they won 2-1.

But Potter is relishing the challenge of trying to change that. He said: “It’s been a while hasn’t it?

“We know that’s the challenge.

“Like I have said, they have nearly 200 points in the last two years in the Premier League, which is an incredible performance and they are a fantastic team.

“We know the challenge. It’s a huge one and it’s one that we are excited for.”

Potter’s side have been the victims of VAR disallowing goals in their last two Premier League matches.

He talked about whether VAR is causing players to alter the way they attack and defend.

He said: “It certainly does, especially in the boxes, and every goal gets looked at again so timing of the runs is important, you can’t get away with the offside that is just about offside that you got away with previously.

“From a coach’s perspective, I think the advice is just play to the whistle.

“That’s the advice my dad gave me when I was about six years old and it’s the advice I’m giving my players now, keep playing until you are told otherwise.”

Potter will have a big decision on how he sets up his side in terms of the formation.

But the Albion head coach revealed he could well stick with the three at the back they have used all season so far.

He said: “Well that’s what we have been working with, that’s what has given us a foundation to go forward with.

“But, ultimately, that is the challenge for us, to try and adapt what we have been doing to the challenge of playing in the Etihad against Man City.

“Whatever system you play, objectively you look at the points they have got and there is no real clear easy answer. If there is I am all ears.”

Albion have enjoyed some good possession in all of their matches with an average of 52.4% of the ball so far this season.

However, against a Manchester City side who average 59.5% of possession, will Potter expect to see less of the ball?

He said: “When you go to the Etihad, you have to assume it is more challenging, absolutely. That is great for us because, as a team, if you are going to achieve anything, you have to be good with the ball and you have to be good without it.

“That’s why Manchester City are so good. People make a thing of their attacking football and their possession and how they move the ball but, defensively, they are fantastic as well.

“We have to be good in both sides of the game.”