Graham Potter said Albion can take a lot from their performance against the Premier League champions.

But he was disappointed with a 4-0 reverse to Manchester City.

Kevin De Bruyne opened the scoring after just 71 seconds at the Etihad.

Sergio Aguero then scored twice and Bernardo Silva struck seconds after going as sub.

Albion head coach Potter said: “The result is not something we are enjoying, of course, but the performance of the players I thought was one of real courage.

“Some good play and their application to try to do what we asked them to do was fantastic.

“We had a setback very early in the game, which was not what you want.

“I thought they still carried on being very resilient and they tried against a top, top team.

“No matter what you do here, it’s very difficult.

“You just have to say congratulations to Manchester City for winning the game and congratulations to our players because they did everything we asked them.”

Albion tried to play a passing game at the home of the champions.

Potter added: “We had to try to be ourselves and how we want to develop our game.

“We see it as an opportunity to test ourselves against the very best.

“No matter what you do in terms of how you adapt to them, no matter what style or how you want to play, objectively it is very difficult to get something here.

“We thought it was an opportunity to try to be ourselves, to learn and develop.

“It’s our fourth game together and we need to try and move forward with this.

“The result isn’t something we enjoy but the performance is something we take a lot from.”