Dale Stephens says Albion’s new midfield set-up will put them on the front foot.

Now he hopes that helps them return to winning ways at the Amex.

Stephens has highlighted how life has changed for him and sidekick Davy Propper, who was in international action with the Netherlands in Germany last night.

The aim is to start adding to Albion’s four points this season – and end a winless run at home which goes back to March.

Stephens told The Argus: “We have a new management team in place and they have come with their own ideas which involve different roles for different players.

“I’ve been asked to play in a flat two so I am getting more help defensively.

“You balance off each other rather than being solely a defensive midfielder, which has probably helped me going forward and pressing teams higher up the pitch.

“That’s what the management team want from us.

“When you ask your midfielders to press higher up, you leave your centre-backs and full-backs more exposed, which we probably weren’t doing last year.

“We have got to be brave and we want to go on and win games.”

Stephens said Albion can only grow more accustomed to the set-up as the season develops.

He added: “When you’re getting a message every single day, throughout pre-season and throughout the season, it creates a psychology.

“You want to take ideas from what the manager is saying and he wants us to be positive and confident.

“If you are working on these ideas every single day, hopefully it is going to become second nature to you.

“High pressing is something we want to do.

“Personally, I think it is easier because there’s an opportunity to win the ball.

“It is always harder and more demanding when you are in a defensive block, shuffling across the pitch.

“I think it is more mentally draining.

“When you get an opportunity to go and press a team, you feel like you are on top.”