Graham Potter said there was nothing he could tell his players to ease the disappointment of their home draw.

But he is sure they will improve after finishing 1-1 with Burnley.

Their next fixture is at Newcastle on Saturday.

Speaking soon after the game, Potter said: “The guys are a fantastic group.

“They try their best and you can see the disappointment because they want to win and they have put a lot into the game.

“There is nothing I can say, unfortunately, that will make them feel any better at this point.

“But we analyse it and move forward into preparing for the next match.

“I said after the Watford game, you can’t get too excited when you win and you can’t get too down when the result doesn’t go your way.

“You have got to try and improve and stick together and pick out which bits we do well and which bits we could be better with.

“There is another game, a new challenge, Newcastle is another different game altogether as well so we need to be ready for that.”