Albion have been given another indicator of their move into the big league.

And football finance expert Kieran Maguire says it rewards the club for doing things the right way.

The Seagulls will be included in the Grant Thornton Top Track 250 when it is published in full in the Sunday Times this weekend.

The league table ranks Britain’s private mid-market growth companies with the biggest sales and places Albion 206th in its latest standings.

Maguire said the table looked not just at the balance sheet but also at how the companies in question go about their business.

The benefits of getting things right can be far-reaching.

He told The Argus: “The list is for companies with income between £110 million and £700 million.

“As a result of being in the Premier League, the Albion have made it into that bracket.

“This is a reflection of the fact the Albion is now a £100 million-plus business and operate in that manner.”

Up-and-coming businesses who made last year’s list included Brewdog and burger restaurant chain Five Guys.

Maguire, a former employee of Grant Thornton, said: “This shows that the Albion have structures in place to help them compete with the best. It shows they are seen within football as an easy business to deal with.

“If you speak to people within the football industry, the feedback you will get is there is no messing about with the Albion.

“They are a straightforward club to deal with and that can make things easier for them in the long term.

“If, for example, a club is looking to loan out a player and there is a choice between the Albion and a more flaky club, it might work in their favour.

“It’s dull stuff, really. It’s just making sure they have the right procedures in place. But it’s important and it means that, in the longer term, I think they will be more successful. If you do things the right way over a period of time, it will help you.”

Albion were named in the Deloitte World Football Rich List for the first time in January.

Albion chief executive and deputy chairman Paul Barber said: “This inclusion is another proud moment from the club, and underlines our continued progress in all areas.

“It is the result of our chairman’s strategic, long-term vision, and the ongoing professionalism and hard work of all our staff, to bring that to fruition. It also further demonstrates our significant contribution to the local economy.”