ALBION goalkeeper Maty Ryan has applauded Haringey counterpart Douglas Pajetat for his response to alleged racist abuse.

The players of both Haringey and FA Cup opponents Yeovil walked off the pitch at Coles Park after 64 minutes after claims Cameroonian Pajetat had been spat at and had missiles thrown at him and that defender Coby Rowe had been the victim of racist comments.

The fourth qualifying round game was abandoned and is due to be replayed on Tuesday.

Ryan told “It was a powerful statement, but it’s a shame that we’re still speaking about the subject in this day and age.

“Full credit to everyone involved from both clubs and the individual himself to have the confidence to walk off the pitch with the support of everyone.

“It shows good unity from everyone involved to make a stand, as we continue to try and kick these problems out of the game. Football is a powerful sport and this sort of thing has gone on for far too long, so something needs to be done in order to stop it.

“Let’s hope that this is a big step towards that. As players, we have quite a bit of power to be able to make a stand, which is what both teams did in that moment, so I commend them for it.

“Hopefully it gets the right attention now to work towards a solution to rid society, the game and the world of this type of abuse.”