Albion Women’s captain Danielle Bowman thinks the club have the potential to go far in the future.

Bowman has been with Albion since joining back in 2017 after Notts County folded and she talked about how far the club go with the support from above.

She said: “I wouldn’t have come here if I didn’t think that the ambition of the club is as high as it is.

“Obviously when I came in, we were still in WSL2 but I knew where the club wanted to be and I knew the stepping stones they had in place.

“It is tough at the moment because we are still learning a lot and there is a big gap in the players in terms of experience levels but, for me, you look at the WSL now and you think all bar maybe one or two teams like the Man Citys and the Arsenals, can get results against anyone on their day.

“Teams are improving and players are improving and there is no doubt within this team that we will improve.

“Year on year, Hope (Powell) and Amy (Merricks) are picking players to help develop the team. They were never going to come in and buy 20 new players because that is not the Brighton way.

“I definitely think the club can go far and I think the structure in place above means that they are going to support us throughout the whole process and I think that is key.

“I have been at a team where people above didn’t support the women’s side and then inevitably it folded.

“Brighton is not that. They are the complete other end of the spectrum compared to that team. That would be my opinion, anyway.”

Bowman scored Albion’s goal of the season last season to help secure a 3-3 draw against Everton away.

It was their first goal of that campaign and the skipper remembers it well.

She said: “I think it came from a set-piece. That’s why I was that high up on the pitch because normally I am more of a defensive midfielder and I think it just broke on the edge of the box and it came off Laura Rafferty.

“It got passed across and I just had a strike. I would probably say it was one my best goals in my career.

“I think at the time as well we had been on a tough run, we hadn’t got any goals. It was about October time last season as well.

“We went away with a point and we were 3-1 down and I think that was kind of a little bit of a U-turn for us in the season.”

Bowman is one of the more experienced players in the Albion ranks.

The midfielder has played in the WSL for most of her career and she talked about how much the league has changed since then.

She said: “I was at Chelsea at the time and we actually had the opening game, I think it was against Arsenal.

“I have been there since the very beginning, so I have seen it grow every year since it has come along.

“It is a different sort of feel these days than it was because, back then, it was not professional, most teams - maybe all bar one - were semi-professional, so a lot of us where still working.

“Now it is most people’s jobs, which is quite nice.

“It says a lot about what the national team has done as well and how successful they have been.

“It has helped in my opinion and the women’s game has definitely grown over the years.”

Bowman was asked whether she could score another goal of the season and said: “That will be nice!

“I don’t know if I am playing yet! We will have to wait and see.

“As long as we come away with something, I think that will be our goal.

“The performance level is something we want to improve on from the West Ham game, which was our last game in the league.”