To get the lowdown on Albion’s opponents Manchester United, we spoke to Adam Powers, who is a sports journalist at the Daily Express...

What have you made of United’s start to the season?

Poor! The alarming points of concern already under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer are the team struggles to play purposefully, let alone score goals when the opposition sits back, as many teams do against United.

When sides have been too proud or naive enough to go toe-to-toe, United have shown how dangerous they are with space, especially on the counter attack, but that’s far too simple a threat to have.

Why do you think things have not gone their way so far?

Solskjaer seems to be a big part of it. I say that because when Klopp, for instance, took over at Liverpool he had a similar if not worse squad than United do now, but he was still able to implement principles in the team’s play which showed they may blossom into something successful.

With Solskjaer, there are warning signs given the one-dimensional approach of the team. Injuries, of which there have been many, have exacerbated matters.

Do you think Ole can turn it around?

My hunch is no. I don’t want to be too harsh as Solskjaer is a club legend and rightly implementing better off-field policies such as the renewed transfer strategy, but I don’t think he has the managerial nous to turn things around in a way which would be deemed successful, meaning trophy wins and title challenges.

I think he is resetting the culture of the club, which is important and will benefit his successor.

United’s home form has seen them pick up EIGHT OF their 13 points at home, do you think this will be vital?

I think home form is important in the sense of keeping a happy atmosphere around the club but I don’t see it as vital this season.

Teams are more likely to come and sit back, which will make games difficult. It’s important the fans get behind the players when they’re struggling because at least this is a side who tries, which is more than can be said of some the United sides we have seen in recent years.