Martin Montoya wants Albion to enjoy a winter free of relegation fears.

And he would love to chip in with a first Premier League goal.

The right-back has no wish to repeat last term’s finale, which saw the Seagulls drop close to the bottom three.

They were reprieved by Cardiff City’s failure to put together a late-season run of results.

But Montoya sees no reason to fear similar this time around.

He told The Argus: “It was hard for everyone and we suffered until the end.

“Personally speaking, the first season for a new player is always hard because it’s a new league, new climate, new language. We are playing at a better level now, better football.

“We have been getting wins, which is important. We are further up the table and we need to carry on like that.”

Montoya says he is enjoying the football being played under head coach Graham Potter.

He added: “The good thing is we are having the ball and creating chances.

“We play out from the keeper and have lots of possession. We are enjoying it a lot more.

“Last year was more of a British football. It was more getting the ball forward and trying to fight for second ball from there.

“I think we are playing a more attractive game and it is maybe different to what people are used to.”

Albion have been buoyed by three successive home wins and Montoya’s cross for Leandro Trossard paved the way for the latest of them, against Norwich.

He said: “That was my first assist and I was happy to contribute.

“I don’t set targets for assists in a season – but I’d love to score a goal this season.

“I didn’t manage it last season but let’s see if it happens this year.”

Montoya was taken off for the third time in four matches as Albion lost 3-1 at Manchester United on Sunday.

But he remains first-choice starter - if not finisher - of matches at right-back.

He said: “I was taken off at Aston Villa because I had a yellow card and I was close to being sent off in another incident.

“I was taken off the next week (against Everton) and I don’t know why but the coach decides and it happened to me. No problem.

“I am happy and I feel good physically with lots of desire to keep going and achieve something good.”