Dani Bowman says the Amex holds a special place in her heart.

The Albion skipper will play at the stadium for the second time tomorrow when they host Birmingham (2pm).

Bowman who has played at some big grounds in her career with the likes of Chelsea, Arsenal and England but says none of them compare to the Amex.

She said: “I mean obviously being club captain it means a lot to me.

“It is a big statement for us as a team to play here.

“I have played at some amazing stadiums to be fair, but this is one of the better ones.

“It is going to be a great occasion and hopefully we can get as many fans there as possible.”

Albion usually have to play their home games in Crawley, which is over half-an-hour from Brighton and Bowman understands why the fans find it hard to get to their games.

She said: “I know fans have found it hard at Crawley because it is not ideal for them, as it is half-an-hour away from Brighton.

“Hopefully now we can really try and sell-out as much as we can of this stadium to try and surpass the near 6,000 we got last time we were playing here.

“It is a big weekend for women’s football and there is no Premier League football on, so we are trying to get as many fans as possible because it would be brilliant for the women’s game.”

As Bowman motioned it is a big weekend for the women’s game, which has been labelled the FA Women’s Football Weekend.

The FA say the event that will take place this weekend, during the men’s international break, will become an annual occurrence and seek to capitalise on the growing popularity of the women’s game.

Bowman thinks Albion and other clubs are making big statements.

She said: “It is a statement from the club, but it has been statements from every club in the WSL allowing the home team to play the match at the men’s stadium.

“Hopefully we can try and get as many of those male fans to our games and then see what happens from there.”

Bowman, like some members of the Albion squad, experienced playing at the Amex last season against Arsenal.

However, a number of the squad have never played there so, as the skipper, what advice will Bowman being giving them?

She said: “You have to go into it being like it’s just another game.

“We know what we want to get from the game, it is going to be a tough team that we are facing.

“Both teams know they need the three points given their league position, so it is just more about enjoying the moment really.

“We need to not come off the pitch thinking what if because I have been in games where you get too worked up by the occasion.

“For me it is just about it the fact that it is just another game, another pitch, it is the same sort of grass.

“It is more about enjoying the moment, but also about remembering why you play football.”

For fans that are planning to come to the game that have never watched Albion women play before, what should they expect?

Bowman said: “I think you would probably be more surprised by the standard of football.

“Women’s football is very much about the ball on the pitch, there is no dramatic diving around or anything, or any sort of games like that.

“It is literally just two teams going at it trying to win a game, with the right intentions and trying to play the best football they can.

“For me you would be more surprised by it than you think.”

The Albion skipper also had the following message for those that are unsure whether to come to the game.

She said: “What else are you going to be doing on a Sunday? There is no football on, so you have come to down and watch us.

“It will be a good occasion you’ll get to see two teams battle it out.

“We need as much help as we can get so if you can come down that would be great.”