Graham Potter hopes Albion fans savoured the win at Arsenal.

Preparations are under way for the next test at home test at home to Wolves.

But Potter said his squad enjoyed the trip home from the Emirates and he believes supporters appreciated the 2-1 win.

He said: "It was great, really good. Of course it's three points in the Premier League. We should celebrate them.

“This club has an understanding of where it's come from.

“We sit here in this Premier League world but still our supporters and a lot of people in the club understand where the club has come from and where it is in the hierarchy in the Premier League.

“That doesn't mean to say that we can't win at these places, that we can't have the feeling that you can go on to a football pitch and win.

“We have to have that mentality and that's what we try to work with all the time.

“But I’m delighted for the players, delighted for the supporter.

“The supporters have been on the road a bit and probably spent a few times at the top six teams and suffered so it was nice for them to celebrate with the players and a nice three points.”