GRAHAM POTTER has questioned whether the increasing use of technology is good for football.

And he has warned that if football chiefs continue down the same path the logical conclusion is to do away with human officials and rely on ‘drones’ to get decisions right.

The recent spate of hairline offsides has sparked more debate on the use of technology but Albion’s head coach believes human error is part of the beauty of the game as he prepares his side for Chelsea’s visit tomorrow.

Albion’s Dan Burn had a goal ruled out for a marginal offside against Bournemouth in Saturday’s 2-0 win.

But Potter reckons a change in culture rather than more rule tinkering is required and admits the introduction of VAR was possibly never needed.

Potter said: “I want to support it because it’s here but we’re looking at the problem in the wrong way.

“We brought it in because we want correct decisions.

“We want everything to be consistent and to be right but football is a game of mistakes, played by human beings and they are going to get things wrong. If you accept that then I am not so sure there is a real need for technology.”

Potter saw VAR rule out Harry Kane’s effort against Albion on Boxing Day because the Tottenham frontman was marginally offside.

But he argues most football fans would much rather see that type of decision be a goal.

He said: “Previously it was about clear and obvious and everybody was OK about the offside rule.

“I wasn’t so OK with the offside rule because I saw goals and thought ‘that’s a goal’ because although I know he’s offside by a millimetre, in my head as a football person, that is still a goal.

“Harry Kane’s against us was a goal as far as I was concerned. It was too quick for the ref or linesman to get - but I am all right with that.

“And I think people in the stands are all right with that.

“The challenge now is you say that it isn’t a goal and it’s literally an eighth of a millimetre off or his finger nail is offside.

“Now is that right or good for the game or for the paying person?

“From VAR’s perspective it is offside but did we not think about this?”

Potter believes the football culture needs to alter.

He added: “The culture has to change. You have to accept that the linesman or the referee can make a mistake and we could lose and that’s really unfair but we have to deal with it because that’s life.

“Until we change that the next stage is we use drones and we get rid of people because that’s how we can guarantee we don’t make mistakes. Then we can get every decision right and everything is great and wouldn’t the game be brilliant then!”