MATY RYAN says he wants to help put a smile on fans’ faces by giving away his shirts after games.

The Albion No.1 has been inundated with requests and one lucky youngster was pictured on social media with the prized possession after the 2-0 win over Bournemouth. But Ryan admits he is having trouble matching demand.

He said: “I told the kit man the other day if am I running low please let me know in case I don’t have any left.

“ I am so fortunate to have so many people supporting me. It is a constant theme on game day with kids asking for shirts and you only get one a game.

“Before the Sheffield United game a friend of mine asked me for a shirt for one of his friends. In the warm-up another kid asked and I had to say I couldn’t.

“His father tweeted me a picture of his son bawling his eyes out. At the weekend I saw him again and said I’d give it to him.

“I am just trying to put a smile on kids’ face. I remember being a young kid going to sporting events and I looked up to the stars on the field, so I can relate to it.”